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About Us

We are a multi game organization founded by Vivien-Lee ‘Pickle’ Bester and glued together by Pierre ‘Lycan’ van Dyk. Together they sit night after night (not unlike this backdrop picture) staring into the abyss trying to make this organization run smoothly.

Together they strive to build players up and help them achieve goals all while upholding the organization’s values. We have an open door policy towards our players and supporters and aspire to conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner.

Events & Announcements

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We are excited to announce METANOIA’s very own line of merchandise! Yes soon you’ll be able to represent like a boss, with expected item such as shirts, hoodies, caps and more!

Click the link to check it out!

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METANOIA's Discord

Fall in and have a chat with us!
A live view of our Discord server makes it that much more exciting. Join our server to find the latest news on game patches, make new friends, log a ticket for support and much, much more!

Come join us...

Live Streams & Media

See a list of METANOIA’s :
1) Live coverage dates
2) Uploaded videos
3) Active streamers. 

Our latest posts :

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  • Aeonic Technologies

    Aeonic Technologies

    Specializing in Development & IT solutions.
    (residential and business)

    Pierre van Dyk
    (+27) 82 417 7828
  • Pickle Designs

    Pickle Designs

    Graphic design and artwork studio. 

    Vivien-Lee Bester
    (+27) 65 933 1876

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